Monday, October 29, 2007

Trip to Malacca

Oct 26, 2007 (Friday)

Today, is the last day of Amanda's year-end examination in her kindergarten. She has 2 subjects to cope with - Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and General Knowledge. After we have sent her to school, we headed to workshop for car servicing in an area nearby my daughter's school. The servicing took about 2 hours and cost us RM205.

We waited for Amanda to come back from school, fetch both Amanda and Olivia home to have a short nap before we heading to Malacca. We planned to leave home at 4pm, but who knows the packing dragged us more than an hour and finally we managed to leave at 4.45pm.

We drove on the PLUS highway, the journey was fun until we missed the exit point in Simpang Empat / Tampin. The map given by my sister was not clear, it didn't state which is the exit point to go to Alor Gajah. Simpang Empat / Tampin exit point would be the nearest exit point to go to Alor Gajah. It really made us mad to have to drive another 32km for the second exit in Ayer Keroh in order to reach Malacca town and find way back to Alor Gajah. My girls have been making noise for the long drive and they kept asking 'Are we there yet?'. This made us even more irritated.

Finally we reached the exit point in Ayer Keroh, which costs us about RM16.50 from Sg Besi Toll to Ayer Keroh Toll. From there, we spent another 30 minutes to locate the Groom's house. The journey in total took us about 3 hours to reach Groom's house in Bertam Perdana.


I have not updated this blog for very long time since my last post in June. Wanna share some of my family happenings here. I just attended my sister's wedding last weekend in Malacca, a historical place in Malaysia. Both my daughters were the flower girls for the wedding. They are very excited of the important responsibility given to them.