Monday, April 6, 2009

Ladies beware if you love eating chicken wings

Avoid eating chicken wings frequently - ladies especially; a true story...!

A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and she underwent an operation to remove it. The cyst removed was filled with a dark colored blood. She thought that she would be recovered after the surgery but! she was terribly wrong.

A relapse occurred just a few months later. Distressed , she rushed down to her gynecologist for a consultation.

During her consultation, her doctor asked her a question that puzzled her. He ask if she was a frequent consumer of chicken wings and she replied yes wondering as to how, he knew of her eating habits.
You see, the truth is in this modern day and age; chickens are injected with steroids to accelerate their growth so that the needs of this society can be met. This need is none other than the need for food.

Chickens that are injected with steroids are usually given the shot at the neck or the wings. Therefore, it is in these places that the highest concentration of steroids exists.

These steroids have terrifying effects on the body as it accelerates growth..
It has an even more dangerous effect in the presence of female hormones, this leads to women being more prone to the growth of a cyst in the womb. Therefore, I advise the people out there to watch their diets and to lower their frequency of consuming chicken wings!

I rather sleep on the floor

This morning, you show your black face again complaining the deprive of sleep and blaming me of setting the alarm at 5am to do the bed sheet laundry.

Why must I suffer myself to wake up early at 5am just to do the laundry? You think I like to torture myself? You know we have very limited space in our balcony to dry a queen-size bed sheet. What we can do is to wash it and bring it over to your mom's house to dry. And you are so fussy to stop me from washing the bed sheet overnight and leave it in the washing machine until the next day, saying it's not hygienic. So, what other option I am left with if not to wash it early in the morning. Then you ask, why can't I do it around 6am? Can, of course can if only you don't complain about the water pressure being too low when you take your morning shower. Or else, I will have to pause the process and wait till you are done with your shower before resuming the washing process. By then, do you think we are still leave the house on time at 6.40am? So now, you tell me am I doing all these for fun?

I really feel pressured sleeping next to you. You being so sensitive, would be awaken by a single tiny movement. You know what, I hardly turn my body during my sleep next to you, and this makes my body aches the next morning I wake up. Sometimes I would rather exchange place with the girls to sleep on the floor. That gives me lots of freedom and I can sleep with whatever position I like. But the funny thing is even the girls are reluctant to sleep next to you, as you have scolded them for turning their body too much. I guess we don't deserve that from you. Everyone has the right to turn their body to find the most comfortable position to sleep with. We don't complain about you when you snore, cough, clearing your throat, or turning your body. Why can't you treat us like how we treat you? Please be fair. Otherwise you will end up sleeping alone.

Ok back to the alarm clock. Because sleeping next to you, I have to be very alert with the alarm clock and make sure I stop the alarm the moment it let out the first beep. And still you complain. I wonder didn't I have done enough. I wonder how much more I can take. Or maybe you are fated to sleep alone in your bed.

I think I shall start decorating the second room for the girls and myself...

Do you feel pressure living with your spouse?

Sometimes, I feel tremendous pressure living with you. And most of the times, when we were in an argument, I'll always be the losing end especially when it comes to money matters. Sometimes I even doubt why you fight so much when in fact I will be the one that fork out the money.

Like the recent case, when I again suggested to seek for Chinese traditional medical treatment for Amanda's stubborn cough. And you like the previous you, again and again you criticize how expensive is the Chinese medicine and how ineffective the Chinese traditional treatment, and how long it will take to cure the sickness with Chinese herbs. Hello, I have told you that I will bear all the treatment fees and what I need from you is your support and your time to fetch us there and probably to have to wait for us. Is that too much to ask from?

Sometimes I even doubt how much care do you have about us besides yourself? Don't you think if someone have been coughing for almost a month now and doesn't seem to recover over the western medicines given by a number of doctors, you should be very worrying by now? What's more, she is just a kid, a 7 years old kid. Don't you worry her cough will eventually turns into asthma? Or you won't give a damn as long as your pocket is not burnt?

What's wrong to try out people's recommendation when there is a fair chance of curing Amanda's stubborn cough? People recommend because they have good experience with Chinese medication. Every Chinese should know that these Chinese herbs are not magic pills that cure illness in a blink. But they treat the illness by curing the root cause which is very important to prevent the illness from coming back again. I wonder how much you understand about Chinese traditional medication?

Sometimes I give up arguing with you when comes to this Chinese medication issue. I rather to trouble my dad and mom or even my brother to fetch us for the treatment than arguing and explaining all this to you. You see how fed up I am with you.