Friday, March 21, 2008

Do You Know How To Make Mango Pickles

I got this recipe from my office tea lady.

1. Firstly get your half-ripe mangoes (or raw mangoes if you prefer sour and crunchy bites) ready, with of without skin to your own preference. But make sure to wash them thoroughly if you prefer to have them with skin.

2. Cut the mangoes into slices and wash thoroughly before marinate them with salt. Yes, with salt for half an hour.

3. Wash the marinated mango slice thoroughly and drain well.

4. Prepare a clean and dry glass container, make sure you use only glass container as pickle is a kind of fermentation, it will react with plastic.

5. Put a layer of sugar (3 - 4 tablespoon) into the bottom of the container, followed by a layer of the mango slices (about 1 inch height).

6. Continue with a layer of sugar, then a layer of mango slices until you have finished with all the mango slices. Make sure the top layer is always the sugar layer.

7. Close the container properly and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks.

8. You can always add sugar into it if it's too sour, or keep it longer in the fridge will always give you the same result too.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.... :)

Life is always Hectic!

It has been months since my last post in December 2007. Life has been always hectic. Being a working mother to 2 daughters, it's always a challenge to strike a balance between career and family. It has always been my ultimate goal to work from home, where I can spend literally every precious moment with my family while making a living from internet.

This is my personal blog that I focus the least in generating online income. I have few other blogs that focus on some niche markets. I admit that it's not easy to manage few blogs at a time while having to cope with my full-time job. That's the reason why I have not been updating this blog regularly.

Sometimes, I feel de-motivated too in blogging business. I don't seem to generate enough, substantial money from blogging. I don't write pay-per-post, I don't write product review -- so my online income merely from Google Adsense, Online Advertisement and Affiliate programs. I wonder how JohnChow manages to make USD30K per month from Google Adsense.

I am very desperate to get myself out of the rat race. I even explore the world of Forex (Foreign Exchange), which I was very against at when my husband first got burnt in Forex. I made few hundreds dollar in a matter of few days from my Demo account. This is way way lucrative than the Google Adsense I made from blogging. This kept me wondering shall I shift my money making direction, from Adsense to Forex.