Friday, March 21, 2008

Life is always Hectic!

It has been months since my last post in December 2007. Life has been always hectic. Being a working mother to 2 daughters, it's always a challenge to strike a balance between career and family. It has always been my ultimate goal to work from home, where I can spend literally every precious moment with my family while making a living from internet.

This is my personal blog that I focus the least in generating online income. I have few other blogs that focus on some niche markets. I admit that it's not easy to manage few blogs at a time while having to cope with my full-time job. That's the reason why I have not been updating this blog regularly.

Sometimes, I feel de-motivated too in blogging business. I don't seem to generate enough, substantial money from blogging. I don't write pay-per-post, I don't write product review -- so my online income merely from Google Adsense, Online Advertisement and Affiliate programs. I wonder how JohnChow manages to make USD30K per month from Google Adsense.

I am very desperate to get myself out of the rat race. I even explore the world of Forex (Foreign Exchange), which I was very against at when my husband first got burnt in Forex. I made few hundreds dollar in a matter of few days from my Demo account. This is way way lucrative than the Google Adsense I made from blogging. This kept me wondering shall I shift my money making direction, from Adsense to Forex.

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