Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Best Time To Get Married

Before you do anything else planning your wedding you must set your wedding date. It is a fun project, but be prepared to be challenged. Determining the best possible wedding date sounds easier than it is. Prior to you making your decision, there are many events and significant dates to take into account. The day you get married will be determined by factors such as venue availability, holidays, school schedules, who can attend, and many more.

More or less, there is 12-18 months between the time of engagement and the wedding day. Since there are so many parts to planning a successful wedding, one year may not be enough time for many. Before setting your date for the big day, you have to consider the schedules of everyone important to you. If you want the most important people in your life to attend your wedding, you must consider their schedule. Business assignments, birthdays, graduations, vacations, and other events may prevent people important to you attending your wedding day.

Getting married during the hottest wedding season has many challenges. It is not only more difficult to find available vendors and venues; the prices are normally higher too. Consequently, be prepared to pay premium for reception sites, photography services, flowers, limos, etc. In addition to hire costs, you have to consider challenges based on availability. Your dream location may not be available on your dream date, so don’t fall in love with a venue until you have secured it for your date.

May through September are among the busiest months for weddings. If you can, consider getting married one of the off months. November through April gives you more opportunities to choose reception venues. In addition to having more options, you are going to be in much better position to negotiate a better price. During the slower months, you are bound to get better service because more vendors are competing for your business.

If you are going to get married on a Saturday, be prepared to compete with many other brides for the same venues and services. Saturday is the most convenient day for your invitees, but it means you have to deal with scheduling challenges and hire costs. Fridays and Sundays are considered the next best days and are still much more convenient than other days.

There is no wedding date without its challenges, and there are sure to be pros and cons to any possible date. Your challenge is to consider the best possible wedding date based on your needs and desires.

Your First Time Brazilian Bikini Wax

First, you must be sure that you want to get a brzailian bikini wax. Consider trying first the standard bikini wax which will remove the hair from your bikini line or the full bikini which will remove most of your pubic hair apart from the most sensitive areas. A brazilian bikini wax removes ALL your pubic hair.

We advice you to get your first brazilian bikini wax by a professional. Many women who try to give themselves a brazilian bikini wax, cause damage and their bikini area looks worse after the brazilian wax.

You could find a salon that offers a brazilian bikini wax in any big US city. Just look in the “Yellow pages” or in any search engine for “brazilian wax” + “name of your city”.

After locating a salon, find out how many brazilian waxes they do a week? Make sure that the persons who are responsible for the brazilian bikini wax are experienced. Ask to talk to customers that got a brazilian bikini wax from the same salon.

Open your purse. A brazilian bikini wax may cost up to 100 US dollars. However, the average cost is about 50 bucks. We advice you pay not less than the average price to get a professional treatment.

Come to your scheduled treatment with a good mood after taking a warm shower cleaning your pubic area.

You will get into a separate room or a hole with a curtain. Then you will lie on a bed with your knees up or legs down.

Then, the therapist will trim down your pubic hair with scissors to a length of about a quarter inch.

Afterwards, the real thing will start. The waxer will start the waxing process. He will use a low temperature wax to cause less pain. When the wax cools he will pull it out with your pubic hair. This part is the most painful one. However, the first time is the most painful one. The hair can be pulled out easier in the following times.

The waxer will ask you to get into some weird uncomfortable positions – holding your legs up, to the side and even over your head.

If the waxer is a good one the painful part will end quickly. If you feel it takes too long or that the pain is unbearable, just tell the therapist that you need a little rest.

When the waxing is done a soothing lotion should be applied to the pubic area.

Your bikini area will stay smooth for at least 3 weeks with no maintenance at all. Make the most out of it.

What's Wrong With My Face?

The term acne refers to whiteheads and blackheads (skin pores that get clogged) and nodules or cysts, which are deep lumps. These are found on a persons face, chest, neck, back shoulders and sometimes the upper arms. Most teenagers are affected by acne to some degree although folks in other age groups can experience acne as late as into their 40's. It's not life threatening but can be disconcerting to your view of yourself and can even be permanently disfiguring if severe. A person with acne can end up with permanent scars. In fact, it doesn't even have to be severe at the outbreak to end up scarring forever.

Acne's causes go back to hormonal changes at the onset of puberty, with oil glands producing in abundance. These oil glands, known as sebaceous glands, are primarily affected by male hormones known as androgens. Females have androgens as well, though they don't have as many as males.

A hair shaft inside a sebaceous gland make up what is known as a sebaceous follicle. While going through puberty, the skin cells lining these follicles shed more quickly than in past years. In those who experience acne the cells shed but stick together more than in those who don't get acne. When these cells stick together this overabundance of sebum (oil) probably will end up plugging the follicle's opening and because the sebaceous gland doesn't stop producing its sebum the follicle simply swells up.

What also happens is that a bacterium called P.acnes, that is normal to have in skin, start to quickly multiply in the hair follicle that is clogged. The substances produced by these bacteria are irritating and cause inflammation. The follicle sometimes bursts and then the inflammation spreads to skin surrounding it. This is the way that acne's lesions - whether pimples, blackheads or nodules - form.

There are several myths about acne that we'd like to dispel. The first is that your poor hygiene causes acne. People who believe this myth ended up scrubbing their faces and other skin parts harshly and too often, which often makes the acne condition even worse. Acne does not happen because your surface skin is covered by dirt or oil. While you don't want to leave dead skin, dirt or excess oil on your skin you don't want to vigorously scrub it away either, or you'll exacerbate the acne problem. What you should do instead is wash your face gently twice each day and then put it dry. You may also want to use an acne treatment - over the counter or prescribed.

The second myth about acne's cause is that stress brings it on. Ordinary stress is not related to acne at all, although if you suffer from stress that becomes severe enough to warrant the care of a physician and prescribed medications those medications might produce acne. If you're taking drugs for depression or other stress related symptoms and you have an acne breakout you should see your doctor.

The third myth about acne is that your poor diet choices cause it. Your mother probably told you to avoid chocolate or fried foods or even pizza and it would help your acne. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Food intake doesn't affect acne. A balance diet is a good choice for your overall health, of course, but it just doesn't affect acne.

Another myth is that acne is just a cosmetic problem - in other words, not a big issue. People who think this way disregard the effect it can have on the way people - especially teenagers - feel about themselves. The other issue is that it can permanently scar.

Women’s Self-Defense Against Men

When looking at the increasing numbers of reports about violence against women, it is clear that women’s self-defense against men is becoming an important issue in today’s society. There are many products and techniques designed for women’s self-defense against men, from mace guns to judo and assertiveness training. Unfortunately, these things are becoming increasingly necessary, and it is essential to stay informed of the most effective strategies for women’s self-defense against men.

Since more and more women are working overtime and at late hours, extra attention should be given to women’s self-defense against men. Dark parking lots are among the most dangerous places, and it is good idea to walk into a parking lot with a special device, such as a small alarm, whistle or light, or where it is legal, a mace gun or stun gun. The mace or stun guns should not be shaped like actual guns, but should be disguised as cell phones, pens or key chains which can be carried by hand without attracting undue attention.

It is important to principle of women’s self defense against men always to look straight ahead and always to appear alert. Potential attackers are always on the lookout for women who seem unaware of their surroundings, so give an impression of confidence.

Before opening your car door, always inspect the inside to ensure that no one is there. A portable flashlight can be useful for this inspection. Make sure your car door is always locked, and, if you unlock your car door with a remote control, avoid locking and unlocking the door too far in advance of your entry. This will prevent someone from crawling into your car.

Women’s self-defense against men is not always focused on strangers, but, more often than not, an attacker is someone the woman knows. Before making the attack, the person usually stalks the woman to find out her habits and where she is the most vulnerable.

It is therefore a good idea to change your route frequently if you jog or walk for exercise. Be on the lookout for people who are watching your activities and make sure that you are aware of potential dangers. Like fire drills, women’s self-defense calls for identifying potential danger spots, so, as you go through your day, look for those places where a person can easily intrude.

Many strategies for women’s self-defense against men include some kind of martial arts training. Although many critics complain that techniques learned in classes can not be adapted well to the street, martial arts give women strength and confidence to be able to ward off an attacker.

There are many varieties of martial arts to choose from, and it is a good idea to experiment with several classes before narrowing down your choice. Popular martial arts courses for women’s self-defense against men include:

• Tae Kwan Do
• Kenpo
• Judo
• Hapkido
• Kung Fu
• Karate

Tae Kwan Do is a good choice for women’s self-defense against men, because it emphasizes punches and kicks that can repel attacks. Akido emphasizes throws and joint locks, which are more aggressive techniques to deal with attackers. Kenpo and Karate were developed through principles of aesthetics and spirituality, as well as a mean s of self-defense. Kung Fu focuses on the movements of five animals: the dragon, tiger, snake leopard and crane. Martial arts give the added benefit of physical fitness and self-confidence to women’s self-defense against men.

The most important principle to remember for effective women’s self-defense against men is confidence. If a woman looks and seems aware and confident, a potential attacker is less likely to approach her, because he knows he will be unlikely to succeed. In addition, if she feels competent, she is far more likely to defend herself well and to prevent an attack.

Women Bosses - Balancing Work & Home Life

It can be very difficult for a woman to balance home life with that of work, which is especially true with women bosses. Even for those who have risen to the top of the company ladder, women bosses are challenged everyday.

For women bosses who are single, time may not be as much at issue as those who have children. When work becomes demanding, women bosses have to find a way to remain committed to their job while also making their children a priority above all else. It isn’t enough to hire a babysitter or enroll them in preschool because children need their mom and nothing can take the place of quality time spent reading a book, watching cartoons or tucking them in at night.

If at all possible, women bosses with families at home should try to work early in the day so that they will have time to spend with their husband and children in the evening. This allows time for the children to get their school day completed and enjoy a normal evening at home.

In today’s world, women bosses have to work hard in order to achieve a management position. With a long term position and years of service to a company, many will increase their chances of moving up to becoming women bosses. For others who are hired directly into a management position, a strong background in leadership, a college degree and familiarity with authority are all qualities that company executives look for in women bosses.

The most important thing, when searching for a position in leadership, is to stay focused. By never losing sight on their career goal, many women bosses have achieved success even after years of effort. In the world of business, there is plenty of rejection and hardship to go around. The main thing is to never get discouraged and keep trying until the perfect job is found.

Women bosses are terrific to be, but they are also great to work for. An understanding of having to work hard to get ahead and realizing what it takes for a woman to succeed are just a few of the things that women bosses understand. Knowing what it’s like to spend time with family, prioritize home and work life and working closely with employees to make sure that they have a good balance of both are a few of the qualities that many women bosses possess. If you have the chance to be one, take it. If you have the chance to work for one, accept it. Women bosses are everywhere and they make companies, and their employees, strive to be the best.