Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you feel pressure living with your spouse?

Sometimes, I feel tremendous pressure living with you. And most of the times, when we were in an argument, I'll always be the losing end especially when it comes to money matters. Sometimes I even doubt why you fight so much when in fact I will be the one that fork out the money.

Like the recent case, when I again suggested to seek for Chinese traditional medical treatment for Amanda's stubborn cough. And you like the previous you, again and again you criticize how expensive is the Chinese medicine and how ineffective the Chinese traditional treatment, and how long it will take to cure the sickness with Chinese herbs. Hello, I have told you that I will bear all the treatment fees and what I need from you is your support and your time to fetch us there and probably to have to wait for us. Is that too much to ask from?

Sometimes I even doubt how much care do you have about us besides yourself? Don't you think if someone have been coughing for almost a month now and doesn't seem to recover over the western medicines given by a number of doctors, you should be very worrying by now? What's more, she is just a kid, a 7 years old kid. Don't you worry her cough will eventually turns into asthma? Or you won't give a damn as long as your pocket is not burnt?

What's wrong to try out people's recommendation when there is a fair chance of curing Amanda's stubborn cough? People recommend because they have good experience with Chinese medication. Every Chinese should know that these Chinese herbs are not magic pills that cure illness in a blink. But they treat the illness by curing the root cause which is very important to prevent the illness from coming back again. I wonder how much you understand about Chinese traditional medication?

Sometimes I give up arguing with you when comes to this Chinese medication issue. I rather to trouble my dad and mom or even my brother to fetch us for the treatment than arguing and explaining all this to you. You see how fed up I am with you.

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