Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet My Girl - Olivia

Remember sometimes ago I mentioned about writing a post about my youngest daughter - Olivia. So here it goes.

Olivia is the name both hubby and I came out with after watching "She is a Man" DVD. Since both of us couldn't agree with the names suggested by either of us, so eventually settled with Olivia - what a unique and lovely name for her.

Little Olivia was wondering what mommy was doing with the camera and kept asking her to look at the camera. Big sister, Amanda was at the back imitating mommy with an old camera.

Olivia with her super short hair. Most of times people mistakenly thought she is a boy when her hair was short.

I like this pic very much, she is so cute,

Haha... Olivia with her 2-in-1 spectacles. "Mommy, don't disturb me, I am very busy now."
She was busy with her writing - taking down order for us, pretending herself the waitress of a restaurant. Both Amanda and Olivia like to role play, most of the time they play waitress-customer, teacher-student. I guess this is very common among children their age.

When she was done with the order-taking, she posed, I snapped. Sometimes I wonder why a little kid like Olivia will have eye bags like mine, is it inherited or is she not getting enough sleep?

Both Amanda and Olivia celebrating their 5 & 4th birthday. You know what, both the girls and myself were born in the same month of July. So, usually we'll celebrate our birthday together.

Olivia - one of the flower girl for my sister wedding. She looked so gorgeous in her white princess gown. I even put some make-up on her that made her very doll looking.

This is one of the rare photos of her posing nicely. Olivia likes to make funny face whenever she knows you are going to take her picture. She is very different from her sister Amanda who loves to be photo-shot. Amanda is very good at posing with her flashing sweet smile. While Olivia is good at making funny face, she acts very unnatural when comes to photo-taking.

Olivia is now 6 years old and it's her 2nd year in kiddie. She is now very independent and manage to finish her homework all by herself. But one thing, her hand-writing is terrible. So big that I don't believe it's a girl's hand-writing. I think one day I shall scan some of her workbooks and place it here. Haha...

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sam said...

oh, your girl is so cute and adorable