Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hokkaido Ramen Street... Slurpp...

This is the famous Ramen Street in Hokkaido. All the inn-like stalls are selling the yummy springy Japanese ramen. People have to queue up just to have a hot bowl of ramen especially during the cold winter.

While waiting for our Ramen, hubby chit-chatting with the cook in Japanese, yes hubby does speak Japanese.

We ordered two different flavour of ramen. This is his, ramen served with sweet corn and butter on top of the traditional pork slices.

This is mine, the very conventional Japanese ramen in miso soup. Yummyyy...

The cook helped to take this photo of us having ramen in his stall. A thumb-up for the flavourful ramen.

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kennhyn said...

it just give me an idea to put corn on my own cook soup noodle, but I always put luncheon meat... haha