Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Cough-Prone Girl

Amanda is very prone to cough since she's still a baby. And the cough could last for weeks. Recently she has developed a really bad cough that interrupt her sleep badly. I can even hear the coarseness in her breathing. We brought her to see doctor on Tuesday and that's when I discovered her eyes were getting red, I can clearly see those tiny red vein in the white parts of her eyes.

According to doctor, it is associated with the cold she has developed, sort of virus infection. Doctor prescribed some cough syrup, medicine to reduce phlegm, and eye drop. But the cough syrup doesn't seem to work, her cough is getting worst and same goes for the eye-drop. Her eyes are getting redder with excessive sticky and crusty eye discharge that glue her eyes shut when she falls asleep.

We'll bring her for a second visit to doctor soon this evening when she is back from school. Don't ask why we're so cruel to force her to school with this alarming condition. She herself ask for it. She wanted to go to school so badly - all thanks to the Chinese school teachers and the tons of homework.

She was on sick leave on Tuesday when I found her not getting enough sleep the night before due to violent cough. Guess what she got from school on Wednesday when she was feeling better to attend school. 7 homework with few pages each, inclusive of those she missed on Tuesday. Imagine how a little girl like Amanda able to cope while she has yet to fully recover from the illness - to finish all 7 homework. Not to mentioned she reached home around 7.20pm.

So, today she insisted to go to school for scare that she might get homework piled up if she misses any, which is totally understandable. I tell her, never mind, two more days to go, then you will have a week break. Hopefully she is doing OK in school today.


horizon said...

She's so cute. Sure hope she'll recover soon. Ya, chinese school always give tonnes and tonnes of homework!!

mold removal said...

how is your girl now? maybe you can try seeking chinese traditional medication. wish her recovering soon.