Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy (updated)

Sorry for the lack of update recently. I am super duper busy these few weeks with the new school academic year started.

My Amanda is now in primary Year 1, she looked so cute and 'dai gou lui' in her pinafore. Will upload her photo soon. Here's her photo in primary uniform.

I have been off for few days to accompany her to her new school in SS2, yes, it is SRJK(C) Puay Chai. Do not why this time Amanda got so emo and panic. She burst into tears for the first 2 days in the school. The first day was the orientation day on 31-Dec, when she thought we have left the school and leaving her alone in the hall with a bunch of little strangers. Haha.. Reason being, she saw her dad peeping around by the door and she didn't seem to see me. So, that very first thought came into her mind was... we were leaving.

The second time was on the first day in school which was on 05-Jan. We didn't fetch her to school that very first day, we let her go with the tranporter lady whom we arrange to fetch her to and fro and from school. And I told her that I will go to her school to look for her later. God, who knows, she thought I will be in her school waiting for her to reach school. (blink~blink). So, when she reached the school and couldn't find me, she burst into tears again. Oh gosh, what happened to you my darling. You are always the cheerful type, and you didn't get panic the firtst day to kindie.

Luckily everything goes fine now, and she seems to getting happier each time coming back from school though it's tiring for her.

Will write another post about my Olivia's school venture. Stay tuned...

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