Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not fair, not fair

Overheard that boss is going to give bonus and increment to the junior staff only this year. Medium and higher management will not get anything this year. Bad news for me.

Not fair. Not fair. How could this be?

We have also put in our effort (+ sweat + tears + blood) this whole year long for the company. How can we are not rewarded for the sweat? Don't our effort being appreciated? ::crying face::

Not fair, not fair. We don't mind if it is just a small token, at least to show your appreciation.

We are very cham already this year, new academic year is going to start soon, and Chinese New Year is around the corner. I know, i know it is still another one month ahead. I don't even dare to mention about Christmas, where got enough money to spend for Christmas, already spent hundreds on the kids' uniforms, school bags, shoes, stationery, workbooks. ::sobbing::

Haih... really hope that boss changes his mind -- give bonus (at least) to everyone. Everybody will be happy then. (praying hard now)

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