Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Visit to Samurai Village, Hokkaido

Guess what, he is a real human.

There are lots of shops along the pathway selling special Japanese delicacies including some yummy ice-cream.

He is the most amusing Samurai. If you wanna capture a heroic shot, you will pretend to be killed by you. He brought lots of laughter after all. Everyone was eager to take photo with him. LOL

One of the shop selling Japanese delicacies.

Japanese are darn friendly.

Geisha show, co-starred by one of our travel buddies.

See the General seated in the middle, he is our travel buddy. It is not easy to co-star in this Geisha show, in addition to have to beat other representatives from other travel groups (by paper-scissor-stone), one has to be good in alcohol. Can you see that the Geisha is pouring sake into the "cup" - you gonna empty the "cup" or else they won't let you go. My poor buddy...

Our tour guide told us that it takes ONE and A-Half hour to dress up a Geisha including the makeup, hair style and kimono. It is sure very a long and tiresome process.

Ninja show. We were told to to snap photos when everything turned dark. Wonder why?

It was quite an action-packed show. Arhh, I forgot to mention that there is this culture that before we went in for the show, be it Geisha show or Ninja show, we were given pieces of white paper. It was for us to wrap some coins and throw it onto the stage when the show ended to show our appreciation.

Little mock-up of traditional Japanese village - depicting traditional Japanese lifestyle.

Traditional Clock Tower

Maneki Neko - the Japanese Lucky Cat


sabahking said...

a very nice place !! if get the chance i also want to visit there !!

renaye said...

so lucky to be there!!! i also want to go!