Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Worry To Look Older Than My Age?

I found that recently my skin becomes dry and loses its flexibility, fine lines are visible especially on the forehead area, skin loses its natural glow and looks very dim and dull. I guess this is common among ladies at my age, this is especially true for those who stay up very late at night and staring at computer screen at least 12 hours a day like myself. But for the fear of looking older than my age, I start googling for some beauty maintenance tips. Here's what I got:

It seems that different skin types have their different way to maintain. So, it is obvious that the first thing I need to do is to find out my skin type and its appropriate way to maintain. There are basically 4 types of skin:

1. Moist and oily skin
This skin is basically normal, but it tends to change with environment, climate and diet. For example, hot season will cause excessive sebum and this leads to acne. So the best way to maintain this type of skin is to keep yourself in good condition with healthy diet.

2. Oily and water-lack skin
If your skin tends to get oiler whenever you forget about protection, you shall be more focus on retaining the moisture of your skin. The pores on this type of skin is obvious to be seen, making it to appear constantly oily. So, while you are busy removing the excess oil from your face, do keep in mind to replenish the skin with proper moisturizer. When skin is moistured adequently, less oil will be produced. You can combine the usage of Oil-control + moisturizing products together.

3. Moist, oil-less skin
This skin type will be the perfect skin type if much attention is given to moisture and oil-resistant. Although this skin may be the best, but lack of oil will result to the loss of moisture easily too especially when one is in air-conditioned setting or during cold windy days - skin gets dried up quite easily. Therefore, skin-care products with adequate oil is crucial. In addition, you should also pay more addition to the eyes area to avoid early fine lines as

4. Water-lack, oil-less skin
This skin type is the most fragile type that requires super extra care. This type of skin tends to get dry easily and is prone to fine lines. So, you have to be gentle with your face during the cleansing routine. Try to avoid stimulating the skin too much. Concentrate on supplementing sufficient moisture and adequate oil to this delicate skin type will do good to keeping yourself youthful.


Anonymous said...

Great tips :)

Unknown said...

I was worried about showing my age when I reached forty. Suddenly I saw wrinkles on my face, crow’s feet around the eyes when I smiled, I felt my skin was beginning to look dull and dark pigmentation began to be visible. I started studying about skin and various ingredients that could help to improve my skin tone, retard the process of aging, and even reduce the fine lines and wrinkles I already had! I found ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitaman C were powerful antioxidants that help to reduce wrinkles and retard the process of aging. Other ingredients like glycolic acid exfoliate the skin (helps to clear dead skin and stimulate the synthesis of new skin), and licorice extract help to lighten pigmentation. NightSkin really worked for me.