Monday, April 30, 2007

Go Home Earlier

The pressure to work longer hours never seems to end. "Companies would take 24 hours a day if they could," says Laura Stack, author of Leave the Office Earlier. Some tricks to reclaim your life:

1. Nix last-minute interruptions
Close your door ten minutes before quitting, so co-workers with "emergencies" won't drop by. Cubicle-bound? Turn on voice mail and put your bag and coat in a visible spot.

2. Map out tomorrow
Before you leave, prioritise the next day. Plan important tasks for morning so you won't buy yourself a late night.

3, Schedule personal time
Block out "appointments" with your family, your gym or yourself. If someone asks to meet at six o'clock, you can honestly say you're booked.

4. Minimise meeting time
If only part of a meeting is relevant to you, arrange to go first. Say you have another appointment you couldn't reschedule or a pressing deadline.

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