Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop The Killing Of Seals

Stop The Killing Of Seals

A letter from Seals to human

Lately, the country of Noorway and Canada have introduce a new sort of tourism activity. It is called "hunting" sport. They hunt for baby seals by killing these poor baby seals with some kind of poles.

Do you see this a sport?

Can you imagine yourself playing this sport?

Why must we be the victims?

We hope you can do something about this!

Please stop this.

Help us please. We are so harmless and defenceless, we can't even strike back.

I know it's upsetting and heartbreaking looking at these images, we feel the sorrow too...!! We are being murdered brutally by these sport people and it's happening RIGHT NOW...!!!

Who are them to decide our fate? Who gives them the right to destroy us?

What sort of sport is this? We are so harmless, never hurt anyone!

We were just swimming around without disturbing anybody, and now we are dead...!!

Please save us, stop them from killing us!

I beg you not to ignore these images! Doing so makes you guilty!

Please help us...!!

Please stand by us, don't leave us alone!

Let the world leaders know about these cruel murderers...

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unique business ideas said...

OMG, that's cruel. how can these people treat the animal like this. wish the world association can do something about it.