Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Signs That You Have Fallen Out of Love

1. Losing interest in the other person is an obvious sign of love lost in relationship. You no longer have that "mushy" feeling for that person inside anymore. You have lost the sparkle in your eyes and feeling of warmth for the other person.

2. You are no longer worried about what the other is doing and do not miss them or think of them even if they are gone for a long time. You are not considerate of their feelings as much as you used to be like earlier when you used to put other people things before yours. You sort of become indifferent.

3. You were once excited to see them and anxiously waited to see them. But now you look for excuses to keep away from them. You are not in a rush to see them anymore. You rather wish they take longer to get home if you are married or in a living relationship. You keep a distance from them and try to meet new people or spend time in the company of your friends.

4. Marriage thrives on intimacy and closeness with one another and when love is lost physical or emotional intimacy would be gone too or at least reduced to a considerable extent. You do not enjoy the company of the other person any more. You also withdraw in general with regards to conversation and spending time together as a couple. Some times you may feel depressed or stress out. 

5. You don’t answer their calls and don’t call them often as earlier or send text messages to them. You look for excuses for not taking call or for cutting the call short.

6. There was a time you took delight in showing your love, acceptance and appreciation for your partner by giving gifts. You always remember days important to them but now you just don’t bother or remember. You no longer feel telling your partner that you love him or her.

7. You may also say hurtful things or pickup fights for even small things. You easily find fault with your partner and not willing to compromise anymore. You get defensive, selfish and egotistical.


Sandpaper said...


I'm leaving a comment because this is the only post I understand on your blog.

I completely agree with you.

All those things matter, but you forgot about the shitty sex. You neglected to talk about this but it is a HUGE thing. Once sex becomes boring, and you find that her blowjobs are repetitive, or that you end up using the same moves, and are not intrigued by her sounds (if she makes some), then maybe its time to move on.

Another thing is the frequency.
If you have a specific day in which you have planned to fornicate with your "loved one" then shits messed up. Sex should be frequent. Nothing beats coming home from work and getting it on before and after supper.


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S. K. Wald said...

This post just brought tears to my eyes... that is exactly what I get from my boyfriend. We are in therapy right now, (his idea). No clue if it will help. Now he wants to take a break... maybe move into the spare room. I hate the idea. Thanks for sharing this.

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I'm leaving a comment because this is the only post I understand on your blog.

I completely agree with you.

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