Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Diet Plan

Today is the 8th day of my diet. I have been abstaining myself from carbohydrate for a WEEK.

I do not take any rice, cookies, biscuits, noodles or anything that has carbohydrate.

Below are the food to eat during my diet:

* lean cuts of beef or pork (tenderloin, sirloin)

* chicken (n0 skin)

* turkey (no skin)

* low carb vegetables - broccoli, pepper, mushroom, spinach

* low fat cheeses - cottage, cheddar, feta

* low fat yogurt

* eggs

* skimmed milk

* fish & shellfish

* handful of nuts - peanuts, pistachio

And listed here are the foods to avoid during my diet:

- fatty cuts of beef or lamb, pork sausages and liver

- all rice, bread & pasta

- duck, goose, chicken wings

- starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, yam, beets, peas)

- high fat dairy (brie, edam, camembert)

- ice cream

- alcohol

- high calorie sodas

- fruits & fruit juices

- simple carbs (cakes, cereal, cookies, candy, chocolate)

After ONE week of diet following the above food guide, I can feel myself being more slender as compared to my previous bloated body. I wish to continue this diet for at least ONE month to shred a few KG!

Haha... wish me good luck..


Ju-Lian said...

I recently lost 5kgs by abstaining from carbs as well. I would suggest you take muesli and cereals as well for breakfast, and do not be afraid to eat (sparingly) healthy fat in fish and milk/butter. You will need it for Vit A, D, E absorption so your skin does not lose it's glow and elasticity from dieting. Cereals are wonderful as it increases your metabolism and fibre.

This is a wonderful site for you to look at. I found it last time and it was a good reference for my dieting, and it made my eating more flexible.

Goodluck! :)

Admin said...


Wow, that's wonderful. How long did it take to lose that 5kgs? How I wish I would have the same result too.

The site is simply marvelous, now I can have more choices and varieties for my diet meals :)