Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Men Are Selfish

Sometimes, I wonder who is the real me. I admit that I don't really understand myself, I can even surprise myself by my own behavior or reaction. Sometimes those small petty things can trigger my huge reaction.

For example, hubby has agreed to fetch me for lunch and at the same time to do some banking this morning. I remembered to have reminded him about our appointment and told him to give me a call if he can't make it.

So, I waited and waited this afternoon thinking he might be having meeting with his boss. I tried to ring him after waited for 20 minutes, I hung up the phone after a while thinking that he's still in the meeting. He called back and asked was I calling him and followed by asking whether I have taken my lunch. When I asked him where was he now, he said he's having lunch with colleagues. Oh Gosh... he has forgotten our lunch appointment totally and worse he didn't even care to give me a call. If he wanted to have lunch with his colleagues, that's fine but at least he must let me know so I don't have to wait for him.

I don't know why guys like to behave like this. I am not bias, I have compared notes with my other female colleagues. They have the same experience with their spouse / boyfriend. Why must you guys behave so selfishly? Just a simple call, is it too much to ask for? I bet that if I am the girl that you are courting for, you definitely will not forget about the lunch appointment nor call up to inform.

ONE last word to say: MEN are SELFISH

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