Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentines' Day Bouquet

My Valentines' Day bouquet received much earlier this year unexpectedly on the 15th of Chinese Lunar calendar. Yes, it's on Chap Goh May itself. Chap Goh Mei too is a Valentines' Day for Chinese.

This is the first time I received Daisy flower. According to the flower meaning, daisy represents purity and innocence, cheerfulness, loyal love. Daisy is often used while confessing undying love.

Here's my Daisy bouquet:

Close-up view

Side view

Top view

My girls posing with my Valentines' Day Bouquet - 1st take

2nd take with their lovely smiles

To my dear hubby, thank you for your thoughtfulness and your love and caring. We both know that we are meant for each other. But I'm still scratching my head now wondering what surprise to give you on this special Valentines' Day. Any idea anyone?

Actually I have compiled a list of possible surprises for my dear hubby, maybe you can decide for me which one is better.

Gift Ideas for my man:

1. A tie possibly
2. Leather wallet
3. Belt
4. Home-cooked candle light dinner
5. Shoes (kenot, people say hor cannot give shoes as present to your couple, or else they will become run-away wife / hubby / girlfriend / boyfriend)
6. A car (i mean toy car)
7. Toiletries
8. Undies
9. Watch (too expensive)
10. Electric shavers (yes, he's still using manual shaver, a loyal customer of Gillette)
11. A massage treat (those genuine one lah of course)
12. A facial treat
13. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (no, that's for me)
14. Sunglasses
15. Memory Foam pillow
16. Books (yes he loves books)
17. A Seminar ticket (he simply loves attending seminar)
18. A Love Letter (from me of course)
19. A manicure / pedicure treat (no lah, just kidding, this is for ladies)
20. Parkson voucher (let him choose his gift)

Anymore ideas anyone? Hope your suggestions won't be too late for me as tomorrow is 14th February - Valentines' Day.

Happy Valentines' Day Everyone. For those singles, do enjoy your day with your beloved single friends and family especially your parents.

Happy Valentines' Day again !!


iris said...

Lovely flowers and children.. Love keeps all going:)

trailsshoppers said...

any of the above ideas are great..

luckyly most department store got sale-isetan,metrojaya,jusco,parkson,robinsons also

status update:
robinsons perfect in valentine sale

mark said...

Any suggestions for last minute valentine gift?