Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photos taken with Mom... ladies only

This photo taken during CNY 2009 at mom's house. It was late at night, dad was dozing off, that explained why he was not in the picture. Amanda was at the extreme left, where only her left hand seen. She refused to pose, so Edward (my bro-in-law) excluded her in the picture. That little girl at right is Olivia. I sat next to my mom with my straight hair. My sisters have permed their hair and that look really nice on them. I wonder how I look in curly hair. Don't you think that we sisters and mom do look alike!

This was taken in November 2007 during dad's birthday celebration. See how naughty is Olivia's expression. The cute girl in pink jacket is Amanda.

This photo taken with Angela joining us. Angela - my youngest sister.

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