Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you believe in Ghost?

I feel creepy when I am trying to recall and tell this story.

Amanda asked me this question few nights ago after I have turned off all the lights except the one in the bedroom. "Mommy, do you think that I did any bad things in the past?"
And my answer to her was, "Of course no, why?"
Amanda then said, "Then, how come I always feel that 'someone' is following me?"
This really shocked me and my immediate reaction was, "What! Somebody is following you? When? Who? Was it in school?"

Amanda's answer really made me feel creepy, "Just now, when I follow you to toilet. I sense that 'someone' if tailing me."
Then I asked again, "Do you feel the same during the day? How about in school? How about when you are in Grandma's house? Since when you have this kind of feeling?"

She answered, "It only happens when the sky turns dark. Like during night time, or when heavy rain."
"This happened for quite sometimes already, somewhere in August but I didn't tell you."

My creepy feeling made me uneasy and the first thing come to my mind was "GHOST". You know it's still Ghost month. Though today is the last day of that month.

I remembered the night before Amanda asked me this question, she woke up in the middle of the night and showed some strange behavior and unfamiliar gaze.
I tried to call her name, but she was not responding. Then I quickly patted her face lightly to try to "wake" her up.

Now, when I reflect back the scene, it is still eerie.

I don't know about you, but I truly believe the existence of Ghost. I will bring her to a temple this weekend. Maybe she had accidentally offended those "dirty stuff".

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