Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Hokkaido Trip - Day 1@ 14-Nov-2008

Just came back from my Hokkaido trip last week. It was indeed a very good trip with very good meals.

We had crabs in almost every meal. The crabs in Hokkaido are super huge. They are called spider crab with long "legs". The meat is super fresh and sweet. Hokkaido is also well-known for its hairy crab. I don't like hairy crab as much as the spider crab, as you don't find much meat in hairy crab. If you love eating crab roes, then you must not miss hairy crab.

Here I present to you some of the photos taken in Hokkaido.

Our first meal in Hokkaido. It's a Ramen steamboat - the portion you see above is for one person. The yellowish noodle is the Japanese ramen - it is chewy and springy, unlike our local yellow noodle. Do you notice the prawn. We called it pregnant prawn as it has a lot of blackish roes in its belly that made it looked like pregnant. This meal is accomplished with a bowl of japanese sticky rice topped with reddish salmon meat, potato salad, baby scallops and some pickles. We were told to put in the ramen into the soup and let it boiled for a while before serving.

That was me in the picture, looked tired after the long flight.

Our Malay trip mates. This restaurant prepared a special soup base to cater for our malay mates.

Our first stop was to visit the King of Hokkaido - the Bear Ranch @ Showa - Shinzan Kuma Bokujo.

These huge bears fed on apples. They just love apples.

This is a baby bear - look very similar to racoon.

Hubby acting terrified with the huge bear behind him.

Can you see the huge scallops? There are lots of these scallops in Hokkaido. We were served unlimited of these baked scallops in the Hotel's Buffet dinner on the first day. It's yummilicious.

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