Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eat Mushroom to Prevent Cancer

A report from Taiwan shows that Enoki Mushroom (Golden Mushroom) has successfully destroyed 95% of the cancer cells in human body.

A research done by Singapore University showns that eating Enoki Mushroom (Golden Mushroom) can destroy 95% of cancer cells in human body by boosting body immune system.

Professor Phan Hwai Chong if Yang Ming Research Centre in Taiwan told reporter that one of the ingredients in Enoki Mushroom is able to trigger the multiplication of our healthy "defensive" cells. By out-numbering the cancer cells, healthy cells help to eradicate cancer cells.

American scientists have since run tests on this mushroom extract with human blood, tests were done outside human body. Results show that mushroom extract is able to destroy cancer cells.

Enoki mushroom (Golden mushroom) is often taken with steam boat. Cooking time should be less than 3 minutes, or the healing property would greatly diminish.

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