Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Farewell Lunch @ Paris

Just came back from a farewell lunch for one of my colleague at new Paris restaurant, located in Sec 17, Petaling Jaya.

It costs us about RM133 for 5 dishes, these includes a steamed Batin fish (quite a big size), stir fried baby kailan (a type of veggie), Thai-style fried chicken, YinYang taufu (steamed taufu with fish paste and salty fish), fried sotong (kinda like KFC-style).

There were 7 of us, which costs about RM20 per person. Quite worthy I would say, the taste is good and it is very appetizing especially the Thai-style fried chicken that served in some Thai-style sour-spicy sauce, even my Boss had a second helping of rice, which is very rare I would say. The steamed Batin fish is very fresh and meaty, hardly see any bones.. ha.. ha..but it's abit too expensive, RM60.

The least worthy dish I would say is the YinYang Taufu, which costs RM20 for 2 pieces of taufu bricks. It is a steamed taufu with fish paste above it and served with sauce that mixed with salty fish. This indeed is quite salty by itself, not really good taste I would say. It is even more expensive than the KFC-style Fried Sotong (baby sotong) that costs RM10 for quite a huge serving.

Thai-style Fried Chicken costs RM15, quite reasonable, while the Stir-Fried Baby Kailan costs RM9, it's reasonable too.

I would highly recommend this restaurant as the dishes are not bad overall, plus you can have unlimited helpings of rice...It opens daily but closed at 2.30pm for evening's preparation.

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