Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sudden Crave for Fried Rice

Today I had a very satisfying fried rice for lunch.
It is a Thai-style TomYam fried rice, in a restaurant located at Sentosa, Sec 17, Petaling Jaya.

I have a sudden crave for fried rice this morning in the office, thinking of asking colleague to pack for me, they then invited me to join them for lunch.

This restaurant (forgot the name) located in Sentosa is very famous for their Thai-style fried rice. My colleagues have this Thai-style fried rice while I have the TomYam fried rice.

I have not tried their famous Thai-style fried rice before, but because I just love sour, hot and spicy food, so I ordered the TomYam fried rice.

It was good indeed with TomYam paste and fresh prawns, and some of the spice leaves. Taste yummy when served with the sambal chili.

The famous Thai-style fried rice is not spicy by itself, it is served with onions and porks stewed in sweet sauce. It looked tasty, and is suitable for those that can't take spicy food.

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