Thursday, November 15, 2007

High Fever

I was down for illness since last Friday, a day after Deepavali. Both my daughters were sick too, having high fever.

It all started with my eldest daughter, Amanda. After she came back from her trip to zoo, organized by her kindergarten, she started to feel ill. My mother in law brought her to a nearby clinic, but the medicine given seems not right for her. Her fever didn't seem to subside. We brought her to see another doctor the following day, but her fever didn't seem to fully subside. It came back the moment it got better and this continued for the whole day on Deepavali. Amanda didn't manage to swallow any single foond for the day, she vomitted few times whenenever I gave her medicine. So, I didn't force her to take any food nor milk since she said she has no appetite.

I separated Amanda from my husband and younger daughter to avoid them from getting infected, I sleep with Amanda in another room -- this exposed me to the infection. I got high fever and next morning when I tried to wake up for work. I felt myself energy-less, i can't even get up by myself, my head was extremely heavy, and i was not able to stand for long, i felt dizzy. Husband brought me and Amanda to visit doctor again, yes a different doctor again. This time, the doctor prescribed some medicine to stop the vomitting and some antibiotic for Amanda, and for myself, he gave some mixed medicine for the fever / flu, cough syrup and antibiotic. Everyone of us got tired after seeing the doctor and no one of us has appetite for anything except hubby.

After reached home, hubby helped to clean up the kids, then 3 of us dozed off quickly after taken the medicine. i feel myself slept like coma till late evening, and i noticed Amanda was the same like me too. Olivia was a bit energetic, she woke up and watched movie 'The Spiderman 3'. Due to her over energetic, hubby decided to bring her out for a walk to prevent her from awaking both Amanda and myself. Who knows, after the walk, Olivia was infected by fever virus too. What a terrible and worst weekend for us!

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