Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beijing Hawker Food --- Do You Dare To Try?

Olympics Game is around the corner, for this time round, it will be held in China - Beijing.

When you are in Beijing, you must try their hawker food. This is the busiest street in Beijing that operates at night. Surprisingly, the stalls close at 10pm, it is pretty early. All the lights will be switched off by 10pm, I suppose these lights are supplied by the government. The place is rather clean and they have many dustbins placed along the street. The vendors are all wearing standard uniform.

The foods are rather expensive here, each stick will cost you at least RMB10. This place has been shown before on Discovery travel channel. I bet you try the foods once, you will say, 'OK, that's it'.

The food items sold here are very innovative, which you can't find somewhere else. Folks, here's some snapshots of the food items, some might them yummy and some might say 'yuck!'

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