Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oatmeal that Comes with SELENIUM?

I used to have oatmeal every morning. But these two days, I have to change to MILO or NESCAFE, as my oatmeal has finished without me knowing it.

Leaving without much of choices (Milo / Nescafe), so I decided to shop for my favorite oatmeal during lunch time. I notices NATURE'S OWN (TM) now has a new packaging for its instant oatmeal. They changed the packing color from green to red. When observed closely, the red one is actually different, it's the NO SUGAR version of the green packing.

I used to buy the LOW SUGAR version which is the green packing, this time, I was thinking why not give the RED a try -- NO SUGAR, it may accelerate my diet progress! So, without much of a second thought, I grabbed the RED packet that comes with 15 sachets.

When I reached office thinking to have a cup of my favorite beverage (as I have skipped lunch), I found that this version of oatmeal comes with high SELENIUM.

SELENIUM? What is selenium? What's the use of SELENIUM in my oatmeal? How is the taste? Does it affect the aroma in my favorite oatmeal? These are the questions that first popped into my mind. There I found a little leaflet in the RED packing that explains everything I wanted to ask. Here is what it says:

Functions of SELENIUM in Our Body

Energy is captured from the food we eat through a process of relations that undergo in every cell. This series of chemical relations cannot take place with enzymes containing SELENIUM.

Sometimes in the energy producing process, molecules can 'break' causing dangerous oxidants that ruin your cell membranes. Colutathione peroxidase stops these oxidants before they can do any damage. Without SELENIUM, colutathione peroxidase cannot be produced and your cell membranes could be destroyed.

1. SELENIUM is of great help to our immune system. It aids in the protection of macrophages which are large white blood cells which consume viruses, bacteria and other foreign elements.

2. Joints benefit from an adequate intake of SELENIUM. Mucopolysaccharides need SELENIUM to be produced. These molecules lubricate joints and keep them working longer. Without lubrication, the bones in your joints would grind against each other and possibly cause rheumatoid arthritis.

3. SELENIUM has the ability to bond with heavy metals in your body. These metals can get inside you via air pollution, cigarette smoke or from the food we eat. When SELENIUM bonds with hazardous metals they can be safely excreted from your body. If they are not excreted, they may damage your organs and could cause cancer.

4. Men require more SELENUIM than women as there is a high concentration of this material in the seminal fluid. Adequate SELENIUM may lower the risk of impotence and sterility.

So, the conclusion is that one should opt for natural wholesome foods to get enough nutrients and SELENIUM of course, to prevent cancer and other health problems, while keeping you healthy.

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