Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My First Color Contact Lens - Blue

We were doing some grocery shopping last weekend @ Selayang Mall. When we were about to leave the place, we passed by a spectacles outlet.

Unexpectedly, my hubby went in and asked info on color contact lens. He is always fancy about color contact lens, he has been imagining how I look in blue contact lens. So, this time, he grabbed the best opportunity to inquire more info of color contact lens.

There are two type of color contact lens - monthly disposable and daily disposable. All the color contact lens do not come with astigmatism prescription. Hence for someone who is having astigmatism like myself, it is not advisable to wear color contact lens for long term basis. As I am just thinking of wearing it occasionally when attending event or function, trying to be different. So, I am alright with this imperfection in color contact lens. So, they will prescribe a slightly higher short-sightness power to cover the astigmatism.

I prefer to have the daily disposable as I only wear it occasionally as and when there is an event or function that requires proper dress up. So, the monthly disposable type will be a waste in this case. They charge RM60 for 1 box that consists of 5 pairs. If I were to buy 2 boxes at once, I can get RM49 for 1 box, plus getting a free trial pack -- non-color contact lens. This seems to be a good deal. However, since I have never wore any contact lens before and the concern of whether blue color suits me arised, we decided to buy 1 box first to try out. After much of the negotiation, we managed to get 1 box at the price of RM49... yahoo! what a victory !

The prescribed color contact lens requires at least 3 days to be ready, so I will have to wait till this weekend to collect my much awaited color contact lens. Mine is blue in color! I wonder how I look in blue color contact lens. Very excited to know and see the reaction of people around me. Ha..Ha..

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