Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Improve Skin ------ Kick The Caffein Habit

I started to get addicted to coffee recently, ever since I started my low-carb diet about a month ago. I usually have a cup of 2 in 1 coffee non-sweetened in the evening around 4pm. I found coffee has given me the strength to stay awake longer especially during late evening. I thought it would be okay to have 2-in-1 coffee as it is not sweetened with the simple carb. So, I am very much contented with the routine to have a cup of 2-in-1 coffee everyday in the evening. This does not go long before I discovered that my eczema flares up.

I am not sure whether coffee or caffeine rather has anything to do with my eczema. So, I google "coffee and eczema", to my surprise, coffee / caffeine actually has very much to do with eczema. Some studies show that eczema sufferers seem to get improvement after they have cut down or exclude the intake of coffee. So, I guess I have to stop drinking coffee for at least a month to see if coffee / caffeine is the culprit of my eczema.

Here I would also like to share some information that I found in the internet that shows how caffeine affects our skin. Article source: GoodnessDirect.

Caffeine has both a good side and a bad side, did you know....

* Caffeine is found in black and green tea, coffee, cocoa and some soft drinks.
* Caffeine works like a mild drug, acting directly upon the central nervous system.
* Caffeine brings about an almost immediate sense of clearer thought and lessens fatigue.
* Caffeine also stimulates the release of stored sugar from the liver, which accounts for the "lift" coffee, cola, tea and chocolate give.

But these benefits may be far outweighed by side effects. These can include:-

* Release of stored sugar places heavy stress on endocrine system.
* Heavy coffee drinkers often develop nervousness or become jittery.
* Excessive intake can cause or irritate prostrate, heart and bladder problems.
* Can be related to irritability and insomnia.
* The effects of caffeine can last up to 20 hours so some people will have disturbed sleep patterns even when they had their last caffeine drink early in the morning.
* Drinking coffee can be related to eczema. In a study of eczema sufferers, on avoiding coffee, their symptoms were shown to improve.
* Total caffeine elimination has been shown to reduce the symptoms of fibro cystic breast disease.
* Drinking caffeine containing beverages increases urinary calcium loss. Long term caffeine consumers are reported to have an increased risk of osteoporosis.
* Pregnant women should limit caffeine intake to approximately 300mg per day. Research links caffeine amongst other things to low birth weight children.
* PMS can be further aggravated by caffeine.

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