Monday, August 18, 2008

Healthy Juices For Healthy You

Usually I will make myself a glass of healthy juice whenever I feel tired or stressed-out.

These are the juices that I usually have to give myself an energy boost. These healthy juices are also good for weekly body cleansing to flush out all the toxins that have been accumulated for a week.

Give it a try and you gonna love it...

1. Carrot + Ginger + Green Apple
-> boost and cleanse body system

2. Green Apple + Cucumber + Celery
-> prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, improve stomach upset and headache

3. Tomato + Carrot + Green Apple
-> improve skin complexion and bad breath

4. Bitter gourd + Milk + Green Apple
-> reduce internal body heat and improve bad breath

5. Orange + Ginger + Cucumber
-> improve skin moisture and texture, reduce internal body heat

6. Pineapple + Watermelon + Green Apple
-> dispel excess salts, nourish bladder and kidney

7. Green Apple + Kiwi + Cucumber
-> improve skin complexion

8. Banana + Pear
-> regulates blood sugar content

9. Carrot + Pear + Mango + Green Apple
-> reduce internal body heat, counteract toxicity, reduce blood pressure and
fight oxidization

10. Grapes + Watermelon + Honeydew + Milk
-> increase cell activity, strengthen body immunity

11. Milk + Papaya + Pineapple
-> increase metabolism, improve skin complexion

12. Milk + Banana + Pineapple
-> prevent constipation


NishaDreamz said...

You have a nice blog here, i am new to the Blog world, has created one for myself, check it
and let me know...Hope to hear from you soon.....

Iris said...

Hey dearie, thanks for the tips. Sometimes i just dont know how to mix the fruits, afraid it might turn out bad:) Shall try out the green apple+kiwi +cucumber:)