Friday, August 15, 2008

Beware: Do Not Reply to SMS from 012-4928392

Below was the content taken out from a forwarded email, so every one of us be careful when receive any SMS from stranger. Simply ignore the SMS, don't ever bother to reply ya.

---------- * * * * * ----------

Today morning, while I still sleeping, I heard my hand phone SMS tone ringing. Then I open my eye and c, got a SMS from number 012-4928392 send me a SMS with content :'Long time no see already, how are you now?'.First when I saw this SMS I thought it maybe from my old friend... then i reply:'Fine how are u'

Then at 10:30 i receive a message from the same number and the content shocked me:'Anda telah memilih untuk mengaktifkan perkidmatan kami, cas sebanyak Rm10/mingguan akan dikenakan sebagai yuran perkidmatan. Untuk membatalkan perkhidmatan, sila SMS FINE OFF kepada number 333431 and sebanyak RM20 dikenakan untuk setiap sesi pembatalan.'

I quickly check my balance and c... my account had already being subtracted RM15

Just now I email Maxis to report the case and asked maxis to trace this number, and Maxis said will give me the report by tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, RM15 gone like that. Thanks for the warning:)