Monday, August 25, 2008

News: New Toll Payment Gadget

Malaysians may have to fork out more money for a new toll system in Malayisa. The success of the current system for the Smart Tag has spurred the Works Ministry to come out with better ideas to produce a much improved gadget.

I wonder whether the owners of the current Smart Tag (I'm one of them) will get to exchange and/or top up with additional money to obtain the latest gadget (which is under trial run at the moment).

I got my Smart Tag at RM100 during a promotion previously. Initially it was being retailed at RM200. The current gadget are being used by many many many road users (ain't this a waste of money for common citizens). Not only that for users would be wasting money but the government will have to install additional electronic stuff at all toll plazas to accommodate another new toll system. Not replacing, mind you!

They mentioned that road users could also purchase this new unit and the current Smart Tag could still be used. This new unit's plus point - could record payment at high speed. What high speed? It won't miss recording a motor vehicle's new gadget even if the car was travelling at 100km per hour. That is total madness.

Imagine driving towards the toll plaza at 100km per hour and squeeze into the tight toll lane. Lorries and buses would be crashing through all the toll plazas in Malaysia with that speed.

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M-Factor said...

Aiyo.... this is just another way for them to make a living ma! Our living standard has risen so damn high now, if they don't come out with something new, how are they gonna sustain their living?

Moreover, since Malaysia's accident rate is decreasing, this is another way to push it up again! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Also here's a tip for all road users who's fed up with this tol charge thing..... If you are SMARTAG user, retain it because sometimes you could get toll fare free usage. When and if you see tol gate is open for SMARTAG turn around the tag, don't scan it, just pass thru!

I'd save hundreds of RM for the last 12 months....