Friday, August 1, 2008

Beware: Drivers Be Careful At Cheras Toll Area

Gotten this from a forwarded email...

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I would like to share the bad experience that I have had last night.

I was returning from Kuala Lumpur and after getting out of Cheras 9th.mile toll booth , a car drive into my path and I nearly knock him. I give a 'high beam' to inform him he is driving dangerously( 1 time only ). He stop his car in the middle of the road and waited for me. He give me a gesture to stop my car at the roadside but I inform him that I have done nothing wrong. He again drive in front of my car and suddenly brake as wanting me to knock him. I just follow slowly and kept my distance. He drove to my side and try to knock my car and each time informing me to stop to the side. He then suddenly purposely hit my car in the front left side and call me to stop.

I was angry by his action at that time and ask him why he hit my car. He just insisted I stop to the side and I have to pay for the damaged to his car. ( Actually at this point , I was aware there is something wrong with this guy as he insisted me to stop. I have read in many email and sms informing never to stop in this type of situation ). I told this guy if he want me to pay then to follow me to the nearest police station so we can settle at the police station. At this time, we have reach to the 11th miles Cheras toll. After the toll, this guy went missing. I managed to write down the car number and I went to the Kajang Police station to make my report.

The inspector at the Police station informed me that my case is the second case involving the same car that day. They are also on the hunt for this driver. The earlier car involved is a Honda CRV. Luckily they also did not stop for this guy. The Inspector told me that this person is either want me to pay for the damaged which I did not do or he is trying to take away my car with another person which is hiding in his car.

Just want to let all my friend knows that never to stop your car if you come across this type of situation and I was lucky to have many information before this. I was also lucky to have not lost my cool or I dont know what will happen if I were to stop my car.

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Unknown said...

thanks for that advise.. nowadays , we live in a dangerous world...