Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Holiday Ever - Part 1

I have not been updating my blog for the past few days. I was on a long vacation leave with my dear family. Both my hubby and I took 2 days off on 28 & 29 Aug, to make up a 5-day long holiday.

Too bad that we wasted the first day, both hubby and I got to go back to office to settle some last minute matters. At first, we thought of spending half a day in the office, but you know what, we only managed to leave office at 3pm. That's really upsetting especially for our little girls -- they looked forward for the holidays.

After having a quick lunch, we quickly fetched the girls from my In-law's house. But at this point of time, our plan all gone. What can we do at 3-ish except going for movie. We drove to Cineleisure to check if there's any suitable movie for the girls. We ended up watching an action movie, thought it would be interesting for the girls - Babylon A. D

What I can say about this movie is that: it is too complicated, the story line is good, but too many things are unexplained.

Below are the pictures of the girls with their favorite movie poster and the much talked-about toy in town - Wall-E and his girlfriend Eve

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