Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch What You Eat - You Are What You Eat

Today beauty is associated with a beautiful body. From TV commercials to fashion magazines, thin women are in and those who are overweight are out. However, more than half of the population is overweight. This problem is affecting not only women but men of all ages.

A healthy lifestyle not only increases a person’s energy but it can also enhance their appearance. Most people who are overweight do not watch their diet, and that leads to unwanted obesity.

Here are some tips to follow to achieve a beautiful body through proper dieting:

1. Eat high-fiber, low fat foods such as salads, vegetables, and pasta.

2. Eat small amounts of food every two hours instead of having a big breakfast, lunch, or dinner. By doing this, the metabolism will increase and burn calories faster. Do not skip a single meal as there is less temptation to eat junk food when the stomach is full.

3. Instead of cornflakes, try oatmeal for breakfast to lower your cholesterol level. Eating oatmeal for breakfast keeps a person from wanting snacks before lunch because it is rich in fiber.

4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It helps cut the appetite and improves the appearance of the skin.

5. Avoid alcoholic beverages especially beer; instead, try fruit juices or iced tea.

6. Avoid sweets. Chocolate specifically can ruin the diet. Avoiding it does not mean total abstinence from it though - have some once a week!

7. Instead of eating meat, try fish. Eating a large amount of fish does not make you fat.

8. Abstain from eating after 6 PM. This has worked for many people. The idea behind it is to keep food away from the body when its metabolism is at its slowest state. For people who cannot totally eliminate food during this time eat yogurt, cabbage, fish, or green salad.

9. Lose weight sensibly. Do not keep the stomach hungry. It is a common belief that skipping meals is a sure way to lose weight; but that is just plain wrong! Instead, try eating fruit like watermelon, papaya, etc.

10. Avoid frying with oil: try to use non-stick cookware to cut down the oil or use paper towels to remove excess oil.

11. Instead of whole milk, put skim milk in your coffee or tea. There is no difference in the taste, just the number of calories.

Loosing weight has been one of American’s problems that’s affecting more than half of the population. To decrease that percentage, follow the simple 11 steps above.

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