Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your Style of Clothing Affects Your Appearance

Research show that what a person wears really does make a world of difference; and, in fact influence the people around you.

When your integrity is necessary in situations such as sales presentations, job interviews and first dates or any date, it is very important to create a "good" impression.

It will be much easier to dress appropriately and appealingly when you are aware of the types of clothes that will look good on your body.

Body shapes and clothes styles guidelines:

• No to high collared blouses as they shorten the appearance of the neck.

• No to tight, short sleeved, breast pocket tops as they detract from your figure.

• Shoes with straps will shorten the appearance of your legs.

• Your torso may be narrowed by belts, seam lines, collars and bows.

• Short necklaces will make the neck appear shorter.

• A belt or scarf hanging down toward your legs makes the legs seem longer.

• Vertical lines create the illusion of a thinner and slimmer body.

• Overall prints can hide figure problems, prints scattered too much can make you appear heavier.

• Prints located over the shoulders will make them appear wider. Wear prints on your assets, since they usually attract the eye.

Tips for petite women:

• Yes to vertical prints and slim belts.

• Yes to a slight dissimilarity in the colors.

• Yes to flowing and soft fabrics that fit your body well.

• No to overwhelming prints.

Tips for tall women:

• Yes to wider belts.

• No to tight dress or tops and skirts which are too long or too short.

Clothing guidelines for the hip heavy “triangle” women:

• Yes to vertical prints and lines

• Yes to V-neck tops.

• Yes to dresses with small shoulder pads.

• Yes to tailored suits, shirtwaist dresses and jackets with classic, straight cuts.

• No, to bulky and stiff fabrics.

• Yes to just “below the knee” skirts and dresses.

• No to pinafore skirts.

• Say no to A-line skirts.

“Top heavy” women:

• Long jackets and no shoulder pads are recommended.

• No to tops with ruffles or fancy details.

• No clingy fabrics for blouses.

• Wear dark colored tops.

• Yes to thin fabrics such as cotton jersey or cotton.

• Yes to one color scheme dressing.

• Yes to flat shoes.

Rectangular women:

• No to tops or jackets that hug your waist.

• Yes to patterns on tops or pants to add length.

To look good, choose clothing that is comfortable to wear so that you can carry it well!

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