Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dieting the "Write" Way

Are you, like most people - underestimate the amount you eat. This may be the reason why you find hard to stick to a diet. According to Filipino nutritionist Catherine B. Velasco that says writing down what we eat each day can help to lose weight.

Although this method is not clinically proven, experts agree that keeping a diary heightens awareness of your food intake, the first step to changing your eating habits.

"Identify your problem areas, such as an addiction to soft drinks or fatty foods, in your diary," says Velasco.

"Circle them in red so you remember what not to include in your next meal."

She also suggests:

* Estimate the energy content of everything you eat with a kilojoule counter or the nutritional label on the packaging.

* Weigh yourself every two weeks and keep a page in your diary where you can monitor your weight.

* Review your diary before going to bed.

Let's see how this "Writing" way works. I will start recording everything that I eat / drink. I found myself addicted to nuts, yes, you heard it right, nuts... whatever nuts - peanuts, groundnuts, almond, cashew, you name it. I just can't stop putting them into my mouth unless I don't find any. I know it's very bad to consume too much nuts - it's not good for our skin (someone told me that), high in cholesterol (as claimed by my hubby), very fattening, oily, blah..blah... BUT.......... I just can't help, once pop in the first fews into my mouth, I won't stop until I empty the whole packet / can / jar. HA HA HA....

Do you find yourself addicted to certain food or drink too? How do you control yourself? Tell me your story here and let's share it with every reader.

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