Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RM2.00 charge for making a 103 directory call through Maxis?

Maxis users, please take note... I got this from a forwarded email, I myself don't use Maxis and need someone who's Maxis user to clarify the following:

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STOP CALLING 103 through your MAXIS number.

If you are using Maxis network and please be alert that now the new charges for making 103 (TM Directory) was increased from 30 sen to RM2.00 per call.

I just found out from my maxis statement dated 21/6/08 today and I rang up the Maxis 123 and been told the new rate started in May 2008 (which non of the Maxis users are aware of this increase) and since I'm not aware of this new adjustment, they are willing to waive it for this month only (RM2.00 per call to 103).

Shocking right?

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Anonymous said...

wah thts a rip off without informing the customers.