Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lets Unite To Bring Down the PETROL Price!

I come across this post and found it to be a brilliant idea to bring down the fuel price that has affected Malaysian terribly since June 4, 2008. Fuel price has gone up more than 40% from MYR1.92 to MYR2.70.

I'm not suggesting to stop buying petrol for a day... this will hurt ourselves inevitably instead of the oil companies. It is more of an inconvenience to us than is of a problem to them (oil companies).
But here's how we, Malaysian can unite and control the Fuel price intelligently without hurting ourselves:


Petronas is the biggest fuel price driving company. If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, other companies will have to follow suit.

But to make an impact, we need to get millions of Petronas petrol buyers to do the same thing. So, if this makes sense to you, then pass on this message to reach millions of Petronas supporters to make an impact. Acting together we make a a DIFFERENCE.

Now, that's PEOPLE POWER. Lets just DO it.

Pass on the message: DON'T BUY PETROL FROM PETRONAS !!


Kamigoroshi said...

Yeah...awesome plan. You do realize OTHER oil companies are charging RM2.70 for petrol too right?

Why don't you boycott Exxon-Mobil, Shell and BP as well?

In the mean time if you want to unite and do something about it, why not solve the world's energy crisis as well? You do know oil is depleting worldwide right?

Anonymous said...

I think he was talking about Petronas is the biggest fuel price driving company. Which mean the Petronas who influence the price tag of fuel.

I don't think so too, the decision-maker is the government.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I hope this is a joke. Just suck it up and pay or use a more fuel efficient car or public transport. The situation isn't unique to Malaysia and price will continue to the global scale.

Face it, we already pay far less than the majority of the world. The honeymoon has to end some day, and the sooner it ends the better. Try walking for a change.