Saturday, June 14, 2008

Natural Remedy For Blocked Arteries

Gotten this from a forwarded mail ... I guess no harm to try out ..


An article appeared in one of India's news paper, there was someone who was told that his 3 arteries were blocked but after the Angio-gram, it was discovered that 2 arteries had opened and the doctor was astonished.

He asked the person how that happened. The man replied, that he went to homeopath for herbal medicine and that was the result.

The doctor told him to carry on with indian medicines.

The same article was found by Murtaza Bandali who has a bookshop in Watford, London.

It has helped many of our brothers as a magic and shows the result in few days time.

1 cup garlic (grind)
1 cup ginger (grind)
1 cup lime juice (not lemon) - "limboo of limau nipis"
1 cup apple cider vinegar

Mix it and boil at low heat, until 3 cups are left.

Then take it out from the heat and wait until it gets cold.

When it is cold, add 3 cups of honey, mix it thoroughly --- have one table spoonful, first thing in the morning before breakfast.

After few minutes, enjoy your breakfast.

It really works wonder!!!

Keep the bottle in the fridge for next day's use.

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