Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Artery Clog Can Attack Just Anyone - young or old

Yesterday I received a very bad news - one of my hubby's subordinate has just passed away. He was in his 30s - a healthy and health conscious young guy. No one knows what happened to him. He woke up with no heart beat.

None of us can accept this cruel reality. He was such a healthy man in his early 30s, not alcoholic nor smoker - he had stop smoking for quite sometimes. Why could this happened to him.

Post-mortem showed that he is died of clogged artery. But what exactly clogged artery is? Is it some kind of heart attack? I have done some research this morning regarding the clogged artery. It seems that the main culprit for clogged artery is LDL, not just ordinary LDL, but oxidized LDL, that stops up arteries and setting the stage for heart attacks.

After knowing the fact, I guess I shall start taking a serious look into our diet especially hubby's. Hubby has been overweight with excess fat. A bit worry about his cholesterol level, will get him to do a thorough medical checkup soon.

My dear dear hubby, can you please listen to me, eat less saturated fat and cholesterol. Cut down on fatty foods. I know you love seafood especially prawns and crabs - but please take them moderately. Think of us before you consume the bext piece of high-cholesterol and fattening stuff. Please don't compromise your health for that temporary satisfaction, it doesn't worth it. Imagine what would the world mean to us without you by the side. I am very scare after getting to know your subordinate's case. We human really do not know what will happen tomorrow, one being healthy can wake up the next day without breathing or heart beat. We can't predict what happen tomorrow, but at least we can try our best to prevent the unfortunate -- take care of our health. This is the very least we can do for our beloved family. Take care of our health and love your body.

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