Friday, October 10, 2008

My Period Has Not Come Yet...

Today is the third day after my first home pregnancy test. Still no sign of having my good friend any soon. Hubby suggested to do another pregnancy test today.

Strangely enough I don't experience any PMS nor pregnancy symptoms. What is happening to my body? Could it be the health supplements that I take - Milk Thistle & Dandelion from Bio-Life and Evening Primrose Oil from Efamol? But this was since August 2008, my period was on time in September.

Or could it be the QiQong? The 15-step QiQong that I started practising with my hubby in September? Still wondering what causes the irregular to my menstrual cycle.

Anyway, I will take my hubby's advice to do a second test. Will buy another brand of home pregnancy test kit this evening. Don't mistakenly think that we are too keen for the pregnancy, we just wanted to make sure that my body is functioning well. After all, it has been long since my last full medical checkup. I guess, it is high time for me to do a full medical checkup if again the second test shows negative.

*keep my fingers crossed*

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Mag said...

Hi hi, you should relax and stay calm. You and your hubby is trying har? :) hope your wish will come true.. If it's 2 weeks late and you have always had your periods on time then you can test d. :D all the best!!!