Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Answers to Some Hard Money Questions from Kids

Q: How much do you make?

A: That's personal information - like the content of your phone calls or diary. It's rude to ask people about their salary and unwise to share that information freely. We do well and we're happy. That's what matters.

Q: Can I buy it myself?

A: Sure, but I'm not giving you more pocket money if you run out. Think about how much use or joy you'll get from the purchase, keeping in mind that without a way to earn more money, your savings will de depleted. It's your call.

Q: Why does my friend get more pocket money?

A: We believe the amount you get is fair. You can always work around the house or in the neighborhood to earn more. If you want to show us how you're spending it, maybe we can squeeze a little more out of it.

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